About Us

About MediaPower

For more than ten years now, MediaPower has continued to have one success after another in radio, television, catalog, and internet. Our integrated direct marketing strategy worked so well for us, that we are now offering you the opportunity to take advantage of our winning formula to make your direct marketing campaign a success! You can feel confident that when you bring your ideas to MediaPower, we’ll work harder for your dollar than anyone else. We carefully develop and execute a strategy designed specifically to make you profitable. So even when you test a product with us, you might just be rolling out a moneymaker! Our vertical integration model means that we have many services housed under one roof, such as media-buying, inbound and outbound services, dedicated customer service, fulfillment capabilities, and radio and TV production capabilities to produce infomercials from scratch or revitalize an existing program. We can also help to increase your exposure through our inventory of online and printed catalogs. An integrated marketing approach works for campaigns of all sizes and allows Grassroots Media™ to thrive in a competitive market.

Our History

MediaPower, Inc. first opened its doors in 1995 with a staff of 3. Today we are powered by more than 300 employees in Maine and Florida, all dedicated to providing our customers with health products and nutritional supplements designed to enhance well-being. We market our products directly to consumers under the Dr. Newtons trademark. Back in '95, we began by creating and producing educational radio infomercials. The positive response we received prompted us to expand into TV, allowing us to connect with more people. In 2001, we created 2 of the year's top 20 TV infomercials: CalMax and Nu-Zymes. Today we help other businesses put the power of direct response marketing to work for them. As your marketing partner, we can provide any of these services: Telemarketing, Catalogs, Spot Ads, TV Infomercials, Inbound and Outbound services, Fulfillment, Direct Mail, Radio Infomercials, Print Ads, E-Commerce.

In addition, our Marketing Department can help you define your marketing strategy and develop the creative necessary to turn your big idea into profits. Only MediaPower maintains all of these essential marketing services under one roof — we never outsource services. Just make one phone call, and all of your direct response needs are taken care of. What's more, when your promotion rolls out, we'll analyze each and every element of it, then quickly make adjustments, when necessary, so you're guaranteed maximum results.